Sunday, September 5, 2010

Nodify made it to No 5 in the utility category!

Nodify is our entry in the Node Knockout coding contest. It is a Web-based IDE for writing nodeJS applications in Javascript. Initialy, it was meant to be only for server-side apps that implemented a REST-like API but during the 48-hour contest, we decided that it is better for now to have a more general approach.
The results came out yesterday and we are No 5 in the utility category!!! Apart from that, we had some very encouraging comments from the voters and that is even more satisfying than the ranking alone. Anyway, Panagiotis says it all in the video, you can check the project itself or download the code to play with. It is open-sourced under the MIT Lincence.

...and thanks to all that voted for us.

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