Sunday, June 8, 2008

JHUG Java Tech Day 07-06-2008

I am too lazy to write a detailed report for the event. Anyway, Paris already did it and Dionysios will certainly write about it soon. I just want to once again declare my willingness to give Netbeans a try (and once again I won't find the time to do it :-)) after the Netbeans presentation by Mikhail Kondratyev. The javascript editor, Mercurial support and the project groups (I really miss them in Eclipse) are of particular interest to me.

I will keep one quote from Kirk Pepperdine 's talk and that is:
"Databases cannot scale"
His presentation was very interesting but I have various db issues so this particular quote got stuck in my mind.

The Jbossians gave very vivid and enjoyable talks. Jboss 5 is something that we 've been expecting for quite some time and another feature set presentation just made us even more anxious, so Jboss guys, get it out soon! The event finished with Jboss cache and despite the fact that I haven't used it before, Manik 's presentation managed to keep my interest.

Ok, now that I finally did my lazy man 's report I cannot close without saying a good word about the lunch break that was really great. Hungry developer cannot code (Slightly altered version of a Greek proverb).

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