Wednesday, October 15, 2008

FireStatus meets urlBorg

The next release (1.2) of FireStatus supports more than TinyURL for url shortening. The new option is urlBorg created by Panagiotis Vryonis a Greek programmer, so we (Greeks as well) felt obliged to add support for his child :-)

The preferences window has been changed to accomodate a new section for url shortening services.For the time, tinyUrl and urlBorg are supported but we plan to add more in the future as well as a fallback mechanism if the selected service fails. Thanks for all the positive comments and don't forget to leave a review :-)

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Monday, October 13, 2008

Minor changes ...

Notice the new items on the sidebar of this blog. Newcomers are the Followers widget which display my only follower and FireStatus co-creator and the Blogs I read. I hope the followers list gets longer over time and the blogs I read gets shorter :-) So if you read this blog add it to your following list and I promise I add yours to mine.