Thursday, August 14, 2008

What I read and liked on 2008-08-14

Interoperability Happens - From the "You Must Be Trolling for Hits" Department...

Experience vs Knowledge. They both matter. One of the arguments in the article is that applying in production, the brand new language that you just learned, needs acquiring some experience with it first. I have to add that even picking the next language to study will be greatly helped by experience, otherwise you might end up waisting time learning useless things

Interoperability Happens - More Thoughts on Architects and Architecture

Are you a software architect or a software engineer? Someone that
designs a software system takes into account restrictions like budget,
time schedules and dealines, available staff etc. In that sense his job
is not strictly technical but it also has an economics aspect.
Therefore the word "engineering" seems more appropriate. At least, in
my language (Greek) the word architect has an artistic essence while
the engineer is more technical-economics oriented.