Thursday, November 27, 2008

FireStatus 1.5 meets

FireStatus 1.5 is out and it supports saving bookmarks on delicious. If you select the delicious checkbox a second text line will appear to enter tags for the bookmark. You don't have to select the "include url" checkbox for delicious unless you want to send an update to the other supported services. Delicious support also includes receiving bookmarks from your friends on in the usual way with popup notifications.

In the preferences, you have to give your delicious credentials and set the interval for polling for bookmarks from your friends. Be careful not to set interval to less than 30 minutes because you risk being temporarily throttled by the service.

The future
The next feature to be implemented is a list of all updates received from all enabled networks. Popup notifications are popular but if you miss one there is no way to see it, so the plan is to have a list (a sidebar maybe) with the past notifications (maybe the last 50?).

After that the most ambitious feature will be to create a post in your blog with your daily activity on the firestatus supported networks. Blogger will be the first to be supported (I use blogger. That 's why :-))

Download here and more info here.

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