Monday, October 13, 2008

Minor changes ...

Notice the new items on the sidebar of this blog. Newcomers are the Followers widget which display my only follower and FireStatus co-creator and the Blogs I read. I hope the followers list gets longer over time and the blogs I read gets shorter :-) So if you read this blog add it to your following list and I promise I add yours to mine.


Anonymous said...

1.) What about the people that don't use GReader but follow you?

2.) My blogroll is obsolete.

3.) Why so few blogs?

4.) "Blogs are like opinions" but someone has two.

Unknown said...

@synodinos: 1) You probably talk about the people that don't use Blogger (not GReader). What about them ? Poor guys.

2) Ok. You blogroll is removed (anyway, it was there by mistake)

3) :-) I would like the list to be even shorter, but if you have you any suggestions, they are certainly welcome.

4) Thanks. It is corrected.