Sunday, November 11, 2007

Welcome (back) to Stripes

A couple of weeks ago, we started an extension to an old project. It was one that started in 2004 if I remember correctly and went through several rounds of extensions (the customer is happy and constantly asks for new features :-)). The technology behind it was servlets with a custom template engine for the web tier, stateless session ejbs for the business tier and the dreaded CMP Entity EJBs for the data tier. This time, we thought that it 's a good idea to spice things up a little bit. "Why don't we use hibernate at least for the new functionality?" we asked ourselves. "Ok, but then why don't we switch to EJB3 too and use injection and other cool features ?". "Oh, and what about the web? Let 's use struts!! Oh, wait a minute. Why not stripes ????".

So here we are, mixing stripes, ejb3 session beans and jpa/hibernate with servlets, ejb2 session bean with CMP entities. It really seems we are looking for trouble but 'till now everything works great. And we did a port from jboss 4.0.5 to 4.2.1. Ok, this is not something to brag about, it was the easiest part.

I will write more about our troubles with this technology party in later posts. I hope not :-)


Morten Matras said...

Interesting technology mix you've got. I'm currently about to try mixing EJB3 with Stripes.

Any hints are welcome.

Unknown said...

It proved easy enough. I 'll try to find some time to write a post about extending the transaction boundaries beyond the ejb so that one can use managed pojos in the stripes actions and jsps. Thanks for the comment.

Pedro said...

Hi all, im making a project with same configuration : EJB3 / Stripes / Hibernate..
Any hints/links to mix Ejb3 with Stripes..


Morten Matras said...

Look at: someone actually created a solution for that.

Morten Matras